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Holy place of the Aadi Jyotirling Shree Somnath Mahadev

Somnath is the popular temple of lord Shiva located near Veraval in Saurashtra region. It is on the western coast of Gujarat state. Ahmedabad is the core somnath connecting Somnath with various modes of transportation like air, road and rail. Somnath temple beholds one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva all around the world. According to a mythological belief, the moon god, out of the 27 married sisters, he was bias regarding his favorite wife which made his father, curse him to have his brilliance occupied by the dark nights. Panic stricken moon went to several holy places in order to reduce his grief but nothing came to his hands at the end. At last he came down to Somnath and worshipped lord Shiva whole heartedly for many years. Shiva pitied him bade that he should wane in brilliancy for only 15 days in a month, recovering his lost splendor in the following fortnight. The rejoiced moon then made a golden temple as an offering to lord Shiva. As the moon realized and regained his brilliancy, it was named as prabhas, meaning ‘the exceedingly brilliant’.

Hotels in somnath give you a wide range of options for choosing hotels depending on their budget and preferences. The amenities are provided respective to the categories of budget hotels, luxury hotels, 3 or 5 star hotels, etc. the basic amenities that are obtained in any category of hotels are the in-house restaurants providing hygienic food, the regular cleaning and sweeping over the rooms, laundry services, and also there are few hotels which arrange even the sight seeing trips for their visitors. Somnath hotels have tremendously excelled into the hospitality aspect along with the other aspects. The ambience and eco-friendly environment gives boost to your Somnath trip.

Somnath tourism has marvelously worked up to the preservation and maintenance of the sight seeing historical spots like the Parshuram Tapobhumi, where Bhagvan Parshuramji carried out penance and was relieved from the sin of Kshatriya killings. The Pandavas are believed to have visited this place and taken holy bath in the Jalprabhas and built five Shiva temples. The bhalka tirth- where lord Krishna got himself arrowed and rested his soul to heaven. Triveni sangam is also a popular spot where the famous three rivers hiran kapil and the eastern saraswati gets blend into each other. Lakshmi narayan mandir, geeta mandir, deehotsarg tirth, etc are the popular spots to visit while roaming around at Somnath.

The experience at somnath is persistent and simply exceptional of its kind. The nature, the sea-shore, the history connected to it, adds glory to the existing somnath jyotirlinga.

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